UI Update and new XP/Level Up

We just did a major upgrade to Hippodrome, both in UI and game content.
Main Changes were:

  • Improve usability and UI.
  • Add new mechanics: XP and Level Up .

The UI changes were originally requested in the original release post ( https://itch.io/t/462093/hippodrome-horse-racing-manager-release ).

And the new XP/ Level Up mechanic were added to add a little bit of depth to the game. 
The game still feels a little bit shalow (each race is similar and feels repetitive) and the only 2 goals are: to win money /Prestige (XP).
Nevertheless this update is a step in the right direction by adding content and giving some more options to the player.
Before this update, all progress was made with money that could buy all Skill updates, now the main Horse Skill: Speed, can only be increased when Leveling up. 

UI Changes:

  • Stamina bar has color help (red for low, green for high).
  • Introducing the Stables screen, where it's possible to see your horses
  • Add ability to change Horse name (in the Stables).
  • Improve button position in the Main Screen.

Game Changes:

  • Add Prestige Points (XP) and Prestige Level.
  • Add "LevelUp!" screen.
  • Show current Prestige Points and Prestige Level in the Main Screen.
  • When leveling up, improve your Horses skills.

Game can be played at:  https://thehippodrome.net/


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Sep 08, 2019

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